The Ultimate Gay and Lesbian Cars of All Time

Gay and Lesbian Car Letters

The ultimate gay guy car is not one particular model but a type: any grossly oversized 60s’ convertible. Pure camp, pure gay. (Dodge Dartres excluded, Tom.)


My friend Ed, who by his own admission is a flaming queen, bought a little TR-5. He loved that car above all other possessions. He would forego rent to make a car payment. He looked absolutely perfect driving it–tall, thin, blonde, and pretty. His hair blew back perfectly when he drove it [and] he was the best [. . .advertisement for] why one should own a convertible. Being a Triumph, though, it was often out of commission and the repairs set him back financially and often. He named his baby "Maxine the Slut," and kept it until she finally blew beyond repair a few years later.


Our gay favorite?

The Lincoln Navigator–because we like the feel of the leather!



The Toyota Prius is a gay car. It is a "tree hugger" car and you know us gays and our activism. It comes in an aqua color and it's nothing but cute.


Mustang Convertible! Purrrrfect for the lesbian woman. You've got the muscle and the glamour. Imagine the heads I turn, cruisin' with the top down in my ball cap and sports bra with Melissa E. blaring on the stereo!


For lesbians, it's easy. Hands’ down, the new Chevrolet Avalanche. This thing looks like a movie prop from a post-apocalyptic Mad Max movie. There are NO men, gay or straight, butch enough to drive one of these.


For the ultimate lesbian car, I have known so many [lesbians] who own Subaru wagons; usually defaced with stickers that say "girls kick ass," or "vegetarians taste better."


Every lesbian wants a Jeep. But Jeep bowed out of sponsoring "Ellen" after she came out. Silly Jeep. Alienating their strongest market. Therefore, the ultimate lesbian rig is any extra-cab small- to mid-sized pickup truck with cap, for carting around softball supplies, dogs, and a date.


When I'm cruising around topless with the hard top and doors off in my Jeep Wrangler, with the four-point off road belts, the only guys honking and hollering at me have terrific hair and are driving Jettas, Cabriolets, and the like, yelling, "You go, girl!"


You and I know that loads of people are going to nominate some big old nasty pickup truck. But, as a card-carrying lesbian I would like to nominate the PT Cruiser. I know, it has no history, no lore associated with it, but it just has that kind of off beat popularity that matchs the current wave of lesbian chic. I'll go out on a limb and give it a Sapphic thumbs up.



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