Best Tires for Your EV

There are lots of choices when it comes to tires for your car, all depending on what you drive, how you drive and where you drive. This is also true for electric vehicles (EVs). There’s no one tire that’s the best for every EV so you need to be sure you get one that’s rated for use on your vehicle and the conditions in which you typically drive. Here’s what you need to know about buying tires for your EV and how to decide which ones are the best.

Tires for the Most Popular EVs on the Market

There are a wide range of tires available for EVs all depending on the conditions in which you drive. There are performance, winter, summer, all-season, all-terrain, and all-weather tires for your vehicle. The key is to be sure you pick the right tires for where you drive and the right size. This table shows some of the most popular tires for today’s EVs. Note that some EVs have more than one tire size.

Be sure you check to see what size tires are on your vehicle when it comes time to have them replaced.

EV TypeTire NameTire Type

What to Consider When Choosing Tires for Your EV?

Tires for an EV need durable sidewalls because of the heavy load they carry. It’s not what you pack in the car, but the EV battery that is the issue. EVs have large batteries and batteries add a lot of weight to a vehicle. A durable sidewall helps manage that extra weight.

You also want to look for a tire with low rolling resistance. This is a great tire for anyone trying to maximize range in an EV or even for improved fuel efficiency in a gas-powered vehicle. Basically, these tires move along more smoothly and easily so the EVs electric motors don’t use as much power to get the car moving.

It’s also important to have tires that can withstand the torque generated by an EV. Unlike the slow buildup of torque that happens when you press the accelerator in a gas-powered vehicle, torque in an EV is near instantaneous. That puts a lot of stress on tires every time you hit that pedal. It’s important that the tire you choose is rated to handle that stress.

Tire manufacturers are now developing new models that they say meet the unique needs of EV owners. One example of this type of tire is the Goodyear ElectricDrive GT. Goodyear recognized three main areas of interest to a large portion of EV owners. They include a quiet ride, a long-lasting tire, and efficiency. Goodyear incorporated all of the elements necessary to make the ElectricDrive GT ideally suited to these qualities.

What is the Cost of Tires for Your EV?

There are a wide range of tire prices for every gas car and the same is true of EVs. It all depends on the car and how you drive. Something like a Nissan Leaf, which isn’t focused on performance, has tires that run from $75 to $295. If you happen to drive an Audi RS e-tron GT, then you’re looking at pricing from $350 to $600. A Tesla Model S sits in the middle with pricing from $250 to $400.

You may notice that an affordable car like the Leaf has more affordable tires while a luxury performance car like the Audi RS e-tron GT has expensive tires. It’s the same way with gas-powered cars. If you’re thinking of getting a pricey EV, then you’re going to spend more to replace its tires when the time comes.

How Long Will EV Tires Last?

Expect the tires on your EV to last anywhere from 30,000 to 40,000 miles. The added weight of the battery makes tires wear more quickly on an EV. So does the high torque generated every time you press on the accelerator.

Yes, that means you’ll spend more money on tires with an EV than with a gas-powered car, but take heart. You’ll save money on gas and have lower overall maintenance costs that will make it all work out in your favor in the end.

Why Do EVs Need Special Tires?

Whether you’re driving a gas-powered vehicle, a hybrid, or an EV, you need tires rated for your vehicle. Driving an EV means picking tires with low rolling resistance to help with overall battery range. Those tires should also be designed with a strong sidewall to manage the extra weight of the vehicle’s battery. Lastly, they should run quietly, so you don’t experience excessive road noise. Noise you might not notice over the rumble of a gas engine will suddenly seem horribly loud when it’s the only sound you hear.

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Do EVs need special tires?

While EVs can use some of the same tires as gas-powered vehicles, they can’t use all of the same tires. Typically, EV tires have a thicker sidewall and are lower rolling resistance than the tires used on gas-powered vehicles.

What are the best tires for electric cars?

The best tires for an EV are low rolling resistance with a thicker sidewall. They should also be rated for the type of weather in which you plan to drive.

What kind of tires do electric vehicles use?

There are a wide range of tires for EVs, just like for gas-powered vehicles. Look for a tire with low rolling resistance, a thicker sidewall, and a rating for the type of weather that’s common where you drive.

Do electric vehicles use more tires?

Yes, tires wear more quickly on an electric vehicle. They typically last anywhere from 30,000 to 40,000 miles.

Why do electric cars wear tires faster?

Tires wear faster on an electric car because of the added weight the car carries due to its battery. The instant torque of an EV can also shorten tire life.

Do electric cars need winter tires?

Any vehicle that is going to be driven where temps drop consistently below 40 degrees can benefit from winter tires. This includes electric vehicles.

Do tire makers make tires specifically for use on EVs?

Yes, some tire makers have started to make tires that they feel will address many EV owners’ top priorities, such as a quiet ride, efficiency, and treadlife. One example of such a tire is the Goodyear ElectricDrive GT.

Where can I find the best deals on new tires for my EV?

Several online retailers like SimpleTire offer regular discounts and great deals for their tires. Their sites also have tire fit guides and pricing estimators to help you understand what you’re buying. Read more on the Best Places to Buy Tires Online and Save Hundreds here.

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