Volvo V70-R (1998)

Volvo V70-R (1998)

Volvo V70-R (1998)Another variant on the V70 theme is the V70-R, as in "racing." In our opinion, this is a fine way to spend an extra $6,000...and get a worse car.The V70-R comes in at $41,000--compared to $35,000 for the V70 CrossCountry. What do you get for that extra $6,000? The V70 R is faster, witha high-pressure turbo instead of the standard low-pressure version. It's got a different suspension. And it's supposedly "sleek" looking. What did Volvo do to improve the appearance? They slapped some nice-looking wheels on this version and took off the roof rack.

And, about that sportier suspension--it was less comfortable than the regular V70 or the Cross Country.

All in all, the V70-R is a big mistake, in our humble opinion. Why on earth should Volvo try to make a car that's sleek? Volvos are Swiss army knives. They come with lots of stuff attached to them, and that's fine.They look best that way. Volvo attempted to make the V70 appear sleek, and instead they managed to make it uglier (in our humble opinion). Volvo was obviously trying to distance themselves from their stodgy old image--an image which, incidentally, has served them well for 70 years.

So, our recommendation would be to avoid the V70-R and go with the regular V70, or the V70 Cross Country, if you prefer that package.

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