Pontiac Grand Prix (1996)

Pontiac Grand Prix (1996)

Pontiac Grand Prix (1996)The Pontiac Grand Prix, with the 3.8-liter engine, has more power than anythree cars need. In the wrong hands, a car like this can be quite a lot of fun.

The Grand Prix is frighteningly fast, but it handled very well. Of course,you'd have to make a car like this handle well--otherwise it would be anabsolute deathtrap. I don't know the specific improvements Pontiac made,but it certainly did handle nicely.

Having said that, I should tell you: This is not the kind of car that Iwould own. Testosterone-poisoned youth, however, will love this car. Imade certain that my son didn't get to drive it. If he had, he'd besomewhere up with the Soviet space station right around now.

The Grand Prix was surprisingly quiet inside. I was particularly impressedby how quiet it was when driving at high speed.

Some of the ergonomics of the Grand Prix drove me nutty. For example,there's this stupid little radio remote control on the steering wheel.Frequently, when I made a turn with the car, I changed the station or thevolume. The buttons should be smaller and more recessed. I would recommendagainst getting this option if you are considering this car.

There's no doubt this is a small car, but for a car of its type I found itreasonably roomy. Sure, there's a back seat, but it's basically atwo-person car. The back seat might be good for groceries, or a dog or two,but that's about it.

The Pontiac Grand Prix is absolutely a Single Guy car. Not only that, butyou also may remain a single guy if you buy the car. I don't think this isa car that necessarily appeals to members of the opposite sex.

I did not find anything particularly objectionable about it. There are somecars that I get in, and I hate them immediately for one reason or another.But there was nothing about this car that I hated--and that's surprisingbecause, you know what? I expected to hate it. I don't normally like carsthat are grossly overpowered and appeal to the testosterone-poisoned youthof America.

My overall opinion? For a car of this type, you could do a lot worse thanthe Pontiac Grand Prix. Consider that a "thumb's up."

Counterpoint Grand Prix Review Postscript, from Tommy:

My brother is nuts! I don't think GM or anyone else should have the rightto build cars for testosterone-poisoned youth. These are the cars that getkids killed. This goes for wacko cars like the Dodge Viper, the various GMTyphoon pickups, the Ford Taurus SHO, and all Porsches. Where is theirsocial responsibility? I realize the CEOs of these companies would lettheir own sons drive these cars--but would the kids' mothers? When I becomePhilosopher King, these cars will be banned from the roads. That's myopinion and I'm sticking with it. In fact, I feel a Rant coming on....

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