Nissan Sentra (1998)

Nissan Sentra (1998)

Nissan Sentra (1998)This was a surprisingly likable little car. It doesn't do anything spectacularly well, but it does everything well enough...or better than well enough. It's one of those no-frills cars that I found myself perfectly happy with day in and day out. It's easy to get in and out of, everything is where you expect it to be, there's good visibility, it makes good use of the the available room, and the trunk is reasonably sized. And besides all that, it was peppy enough and handled well enough to be fun to drive.

Nissans have always been reliable, which makes this almost perfect as a second car or a car for people who don't move big families long distances very often. I wouldn't want to load three kids and luggage in this thing and drive to Cleveland (even if I did live in Akron), but for getting towork, driving around town, and doing the things most people do most days, this is a great little car at a pretty good price.

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