Nissan 240SX (1998)

Nissan 240SX (1998)

Nissan 240SX (1998)The Nissan 240SX is your basic, generic Japanese car. You know how they have "generic" items in the supermarket...a black-and-white package with a bar code that just says "soap"? Well, if you walked into a Japanese car dealership, you might expect to see this car with a bar code on it and the words "Slightly Sporty Japanese Car" on the back.

There's nothing terribly exciting about this car, and not much to dislike either. It's rather plain and unexciting. Women seemed more excited (well, "excited" is too strong a about "interested"?) in the styling. It's a two-door, sporty coupe with a small back seat.

Like the proverbial generic Japanese car, all of the gauges and switches are convenient. Everything works, and the car will probably be reliable--we just found it kind of boring.

One thing did surprise us about the 240SX: the sticker price of the car we tested was $23,500. For that price, the 240SX is a surprisingly basic car. At $17,500 it would be a cute little interesting car, but at $23,500 it seems quite overpriced to us.

Other than a slightly inflated price, we can't think of a good reason not to buy this car. The problem is, we can't think of a really good reason to buy it either.

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