Ford Mustang SVT (1997)

Ford Mustang SVT (1997)

The Ford Mustang SVT is pretty much just like the Mustang GT, only insteadof aiming at 18-year-old guys, Ford is aiming at 28-year-old guys who wishthey were still 18.

Ford Mustang SVT (1997)SVT signifies a "Skunk Works" product--a special division of Ford thattakes Ford products and makes them faster and better handling. To theircredit, the SVT division did a very nice job with theFord Contour.They upgraded the suspension, brakes, tires, engine and a bunch of insidestuff without making the outside of the car garish. SVT cars are subtlydifferent on the outside, and you have to look carefully for the SVT logo.So, to their credit, they're designed for the people who want to drivethem--not to impress all the other teenagers with a huge spoiler and flamedecals.

Unfortunately, the Mustang is a car that didn't need to go any faster. TheMustang GT with a 5.0-liter V-8 engine is already too fast, thank you verymuch. In fact, the Mustang with a six-cylinder engine is fast enough formost people. And the handling improvements, while nice, aren't enough tomake us recommend the car. In fact, around town, most people will find thestiffer suspension uncomfortable.

Plus, the car still has the same inherent problems as other Mustangconvertibles. Namely, with the top up, you can't see out of it.Visibility with the convertible top up is absolutely terrible. The car'shigh belt line only makes it worse.

Of course, this car is great fun with the top down--but even that is notenough to warrant a recommendation from us. If you want a Mustangconvertible, the basic Mustang with the six-cylinder engine is all youneed. (Of course, this won't help the visibility problem.) And, if youwant an SVT model, drive the Contour.

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