Ford F150 XLT (1997)

Ford F150 XLT (1997)

This is the first redesign of the F-150 in many, many moons. I like it; ithas some of the "look" of the Dodge Ram that was restyled two years ago.But I don't like the way the hood slopes down so sharply--I can't tellwhere the front of the truck is.

Ford F150 XLT (1997)(Editor's Note: Given Tom's accident history, he can't tell where ANY partof the truck is.)

Great ride and handling for a pickup truck, but for some reason, Icouldn't find a comfortable seating position.

Love the back door!

The bottom line here is that this is a very nice truck. This was mypersonal favorite pickup for many years; and I still like it, even thoughit doesn't have quite the KSA (Knuckle-Scraper Appeal) of the Dodge Ram.GRRRR! GRRRRR!


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