Chrysler Town and Country (1997)

Chrysler Town and Country (1997)

Chrysler Town and Country (1997)The Chrysler Town and Country is, for all intents and purposes, a $35,000version of the Dodge Caravan. The Town and Country comes with All WheelDrive, 16 inch wheels, leather interior-- all the amenities you would expecton a car in this price range. It has every bell and whistle imaginable.

The Town and Country really does ride well. It's very quiet and comfortable.We worry, though, that in five years it will have all the rattles thatcurrently plague my '92 Caravan.

This is a very nice minivan. Plus, they have a great new color-- a sort ofbluish purple color-- something Ralph Lauren or Martha Stewart must havemixed up for Bob Lutz. We have no idea what they call it, but it is prettysharp looking.

If you have to drive a minivan, but you really want a luxury car, this isyour best bet. The Chrysler minivan is still the best minivan on the marketwhen you factor in everything-- ride, handling, comfort and utility. Andthis particular version is the nicest, best dressed one they have. Youcertainly don't need all of its bells and whistles to take the kids tosoccer, but if you want to pamper yourself (without actually going throughthe paper work of putting the kids up for adoption), this is one way to do it.

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