Cadillac Fleetwood (1997)

Cadillac Fleetwood (1997)

Caddilac FleetwoodThis car is a true relic. This is Cadillac as the old-timers remember aCadillac--humongous beyond the point of being obscene, with a ride rivaledonly by the QE II. I took the family out for a little joy ride in thisbaby, and by the time we had gone about six blocks they were all looking forthe barf bags; man, does it ever pitch and roll!

If you're looking for a living room on wheels (a very tacky living room),this might be the car for you. But if you're planning to make any left orright turns, I'd think twice.

And don't try to park it. It doesn't fit in a standard parking space (atleast not in Boston--are the parking spaces in North Miami Beach speciallydesigned for this monster?). I mean, even my buddies Richie and Stevie inthe North End--the double-parking capital of the Western world--asked me ifit came with an anchor.

But, alas, the sad (?) news is that GM will soon cease manufacture of theBrougham. Seems that all the potential buyers pulled a dirty trick on GM.They died.

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