BMW Z3M Roadster (1998)

BMW Z3M Roadster (1998)

We cannot, in good conscience, recommend this car.

BMW M-Roadster (1999)So, we'll put our consciences aside for a moment and tell you how much funit is! Boy, is this car fast! It's scary fast.

When you step on the gas, in just about any gear, your eyeballs go to theback of your head. It's certainly one of the fastest cars we've everdriven. For that reason, it's almost useless to own one of these: there'snowhere in civilization where you can really make use of it. You'd be indanger of killing someone within about six seconds of hitting the gas pedal.

The neat thing about the car is how well it handles. It really sticks tothe road, and makes cornering fun. It's got fatter, lower tires than theregular Z3, and the suspension has obviously been tweaked in favor ofperformance too.

It's also got some of the best brakes we've ever experienced.Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to stop gently with them. They're soeffective and sensitive that your passengers will be suing you forwhiplash--if they don't get whiplash from the acceleration.

On the plus side, the M Roadster does a great job with the gauges, whichare surrounded by beautiful, old-fashioned chrome rings.

The M Roadster is the Motorsports version of the Z3, and it livesup to that billing. It was an exciting car to drive, but unfortunatelythere's no legal or ethical way to make use of such a car in most of theUnited States of America. It's an exercise in machismo and this year'sbest example of testosterone poisoning.


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