BMW 540i (1998)

BMW 540i (1998)

BMW 540i (1998)Editor's Note: Tommy is filing this test-drive note under protest, for thevery same reason as his protest against the BMW Z-3 and the M Roadster. Ifyou care about Tommy's opinion, click here for his rant on the topic. (Boy, did someonegive him an atomic wedgie, or what?!)

Two facts sum up the 540i:

A. It has a phenomenal amount of power.2. It is very expensive.

We think this is a great car to lease. Why? Because you really don't wantto be around when someone has to open the hood and actually make a repair.Trust us: you really do *not* want to be on the paying end of that deal.

This is an amazing car. It's a sports car...but it's also monstrous. Ifyou've driven the Z-3 and you think that has a lot of power, well, hold onto your trousers. Off the line, the 540i will snap your head back.

The handling is wonderful. It's comfortable, smooth, powerful. It may bethe perfect sports sedan--for the person with a $50,000 car budget.



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