Acura 3.5 RL (1998)


Acura 3.5 RL 1998

Acura 3.5RL (1998)This is an awesome vehicle, and it should be for $35,000. Quiet on the open roadand enough power to lose my brother, who tried to follow me through thestreets of San Francisco (on our way to Dougie's wedding). I always losthim at the crest of a hill--when I'd hang a quick left while I was out ofhis sight (avoid the use of turn signals while performing this maneuver).This car also has an amazing satellite-based Global Positioning System(GPS) with a touch screen. You enter the street address of your(hoped-for) destination and it takes you there. A street map appears(because it knows where you are). Map and voice directions guide youthrough every left and right. Awesome! You hear this female voice (with aslight Japanese accent) saying, "Reft turn at next intersection, Yank."After I figured out what a reft turn was it was flawless. (Except for thetime my brother drove and, for his destination he enters, "buffet table."What a moron!) And, if you screw up, it maps a new route (after theJapanese lady says, "Oh you dummy! You missed the turn! But I can fix it,you rucky guy.")

This car replaces the Acura Legend. And it's everything the Legend everwas: a near-perfect vehicle. It's smooth, quiet, roomy and handles like adream. My only objection to this vehicle is the name. Now why in theworld would you give up a perfect name like "Legend" and replace it with anumber? A 3.5? 3.5?? Now, I ask you.

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