#2155: Shake, Rattle and Roll

Nov 23, 2021
As the boys near the date for their ‘3rd Annual Car Talk Sock Hop’ Tamsen calls in from California with a VW Superbeetle that Shakes, Rattles, and Rolls down the highway. Robin has a rotten exhaust, Debbie’s Peugeot won’t go, and Kirk wonders if the $19 alignments he’s been getting regularly will eventually solve his Dodge’s habit of heading for the ditch. All this and a new puzzler on today’s show!

Show Open Topic

Sock Hop Contest and listener letter regarding sublimation.

This Week's Puzzler

Miss Pronunciation: Why did the BBC broadcasters keep mispronouncing the word?

Last Week's Puzzler

The Many Clutches: Why did the clutches keep failing?

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