#2145: To Form a More Imperfect Union

Oct 19, 2021
Nothing succeeds like secession! Or at least that’s the thinking as Tom and Ray plan for Car Talk Plaza’s imminent secession(from what exactly, we’re not sure). But the crazy car problems will of course emigrate to wherever they land. This week’s beleagured citizens of Car-Talk-istan include John and his Chevy’s ‘woobie’, Robin’s stuck Rabbit and Mazz with her chirping transmission. All this and the new puzzler!

Show Open Topic

Click and Clack announce their plans for Car Talk's secession and what independent statehood might bring.

This Week's Puzzler

What's That Smell?: It only happens on cars with catalytic converters. But it's not caused by the catalytic converter.

Last Week's Puzzler

What's Making That Noise?: The belt that goes YiYiYiYiYiYiYiYiYi!

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