#2140: When Yugos Roamed the Earth

Oct 02, 2021
This week’s show starts a new/old chapter for Car Talk as we go back to the show’s beginnings to try and figure out where such a simple concept -- giving nice listeners useful car advice -- went so horribly wrong. Turns out we can’t blame this on the internet, but enjoy the laughs as the boys try to help Andy with his fair-weather Nissan and Nancy with her grounded T bird and Ellen attempts to ‘out jalopy’ Tommy in her search for a $2000 car. All this and a classic puzzler!

Show Open Topic

Pons and Fleichman's non-discovery of cold-fusion prompts the boys to give it a try.

This Week's Puzzler

What's the Battery Breakthrough?: Are car batteries really better than they were 25 years ago?

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