#2135: The Camaro Contretemps

Aug 28, 2021
Who better than Tom and Ray to solve a dispute between two brothers over a vintage Camaro? Well, lots of people, actually. But Cynthia wasn’t able to reach any of them, so this week on The Best of Car Talk, she’ll hope our heroes can bring peace to Thanksgiving this year. Elsewhere, Virginia’s Honda keeps getting stolen and returned. She’s resorted to drastic measures to protect it, but would she be better off just leaving the car unlocked and engine running? Also, John’s Corvette’s engine is misfiring, but John’s hesitant to go to the dealer since the miss only occurs above 140 mph; and why did Bill’s attempt to replace a broken belt with his daughter’s tights fail? All this, plus a few unpublished titles from William Shakespeare, and lots more, this week on The Best of Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

The boys are getting ready for their annual summer camp for kids -'Geek Week'.

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