#2124: Empathic Shared Meaning 101

Jun 12, 2021
This week, The Best of Car Talk kicks off with some of our favorite country song titles. Can anything top, “I’d Rather Pass a Kidney Stone Than Another Night With You?" Then it’s off to Maui, where Jeff would be advised to stop bragging about the weather if he wants to find out why his brake pedal is sinking to the floor. Elsewhere, Inga is wondering which of her several mistakes caused her parked car to lurch down hill; Matt’s brother talked him into a DIY timing belt change on his Acura, and a month later, the car still isn’t running right; Bryan would like his vintage pickup truck to handle like a Dodge Viper; and can Stephanie’s Corolla survive a cross-country trip? All this and more, this week on The Best of Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray enjoy some of the best, worst county music song titles.

This Week's Puzzler

How Does Pork Chop Boy Drive To Work: Matt dislocated his right shoulder and couldn't move the shifter on his automatic transmission, yet he had no problem driving Tommy's car to work. Which one of Tommy's cars did he drive?

Last Week's Puzzler

Bobo's "Don't Look Back" Tour: Bobo has to visit all 48 contiguous states, in any order he wants, but with no repeats. He has to start in Delaware. Where will he finish?

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