#2115: The Floral Belvedere

Apr 10, 2021
This week on The Best of Car Talk, Chris has flowers growing in his Belvedere after birdseed got into his fresh air vent. To make matters worse, a kid stuffed chunks of blue cheese in the vents, so the car is stinky, too. Elsewhere, good intentions go really bad when Todd buys his girlfriend a 1973 Ford LTD, on the premise it would be safe and easy to work on. The car's loud backfire has led to one dead cat, several deceased goldfish, and one very strained relationship. Also, Andy wants to know if electronic gizmos can improve his Suburban’s gas mileage to, say, 5 miles per gallon; and Dari wants to know if her truck is safe to drive, or sell, after falling off a lift. If she decides to sell, does she need to mention it?

Show Open Topic

A life fully lived.

This Week's Puzzler

Don’t Do It, Frank!: How did the night watchman know who was guilty?

Last Week's Puzzler

Crusty’s Wedding Breakdown: How does Crusty get to his wedding on time?

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