#2046: The Exercise Diaries

Nov 14, 2020
This week, The Best of Car Talk kicks off with the tale of one man’s descent to Dante’s supplemental Circle of Hell, the local health club, where he is at the merciless hands of his personal trainer, Tanya. Then we’re off to Virginia, where Shelia’s Maxima smells like someone burned her dry cleaning. Elsewhere, Ethan’s preparing to sell his truck, which was struck by lightning. Should he advertise it as “pre-disastered” or keep quiet? Also, from the don’t-try-this-at- home department, Marty’s dad got their vintage car started by sucking gas through the exhaust with a shop vac, and he still has his eyebrows! All this and lots more, this week on The Best of Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Tanya the Trainer

This Week's Puzzler

Quonset Hut Quandary: What did the man in the inky shadows know?

Last Week's Puzzler

Dividing Time: Can you draw two lines on a clock face so that the sum of the numbers in each section is equal?

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