#2015: The Popsodent

Apr 11, 2020
This week on The Best of Car Talk, Sarah's about to graduate from college, and is ready to address the 5,000 dents her Taurus has suffered from years of being parked in campus lots. Will she find the solution on late-night TV? Elsewhere, really low-budget filmmaker Seth wants to blow up a car for his latest project. Is there enough cash in our legal defense fund for Tom and Ray to even consider giving Seth any advice? Also, a manure overload may have made Art’s truck’s steering &*%^! the bed; and Stephan is bothered by his truck’s knocking, but even more concerned about his mechanic’s fix for it. And, should Byron challenge the marital-industrial complex and insist on driving away from his wedding in his pick-up truck? All this and more, this week on The Best of Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Bring vs. Take

This Week's Puzzler

The Self-Adjusting Clock: How does Ray's non-wired, Internet-free clock show the right time without being adjusted for Daylight Saving?

Last Week's Puzzler

A Thousand Dollars And a Bunch of Envelopes: What's the fewest number of envelopes into which you can put any combination of one thousand, one-dollar bills, such that no matter what number of dollars I ask for, you can hand me the right combination of envelopes?

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