#2009: Saddle Up

Feb 29, 2020
This week on The Best of Car Talk, Mara's husband says he'd rather drive a horse and buggy than a minivan. But, with one kid on hand, and twins on the way, are there any options other than an Odyssey or spurs? In another auto-marital dispute, Pat and her husband disagree over whether driving their daughters 3/10 of a mile to school in cold weather is killing their car. Also, after meditating for three months, Conrad found his Civic in an immovable state, thanks to a frozen parking brake; Peter wants to rid his garage of bats, but may wind up on the ASPCA's Most Wanted list; and, trying to solve one of Ray's Puzzlers leads to a police visit. All this and more, this week on the Best of Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Mail: I may have gone too far trying to solve the Puzzler.

This Week's Puzzler

The Mystery Mileage: What made Steve wonder if his beat-up Beetle really did have just 80,000 miles?

Last Week's Puzzler

A Very Late-Night Emergency Clutch Repair: I directed my buddy to an all-night burger joint across the road, so he could relieve himself. Ten minutes later he returned, claiming that what he was carrying would solve our clutch problem and get us home.

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