#1913: The Immortal Timing Belt

Mar 30, 2019
This week on The Best of Car Talk, Juliette’s timing belt has lasted more than 230,000 miles. Should she replace it before she gets stranded on the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, or see if it can make it all the way back from the moon? Elsewhere, Joanna is grateful her 16-year-old son doesn’t want a Viper for his first car, but she is a little concerned that he has his eyes on a vintage ice cream truck. Also, Sarah keeps spilling water into her Saab’s poorly located ignition; Deborah’s Corolla is shaking after a clutch job, which may be a case of FOL (Fell Off Lift); Bear may need to change his 100,000-mile spark plugs’ name to “lifetime” since they’re frozen in place; and on Stump the Chumps, we find out if John cleaned his car, or let a first date see him for the slob he truly is. All this and more, this week on The Best of Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Two great car ads.

This Week's Puzzler

Deserted Island: Fire is ravaging the island. How do you save your butt?

Last Week's Puzzler

A Matter of Gravity: What would weigh more on the moon than on Earth?

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