#1904: Great Balls of Fire

Jan 26, 2019
This week on The Best of Car Talk, was Barry’s truck an unwitting arsonist? He was driving home when the lights dimmed and flames began shooting out the back, setting the road on fire. Elsewhere, Danni bought a used Range Rover while in the midst of “Pregnancy Induced Insanity” (her words) and the car is already draining her wallet faster than her kid’s college tuition will. Also, Amy’s mechanics may have replaced the wrong half of her engine; Charlie has replaced his fuel pump three times in the last year and his back would really like him to find one that can last more than a few months; and, forget Sonja Henie’s Tutu. We have the tale of Sonja Henie’s Zamboni! All this and more this week on The Best of Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Sonja Henie's Zamboni!

This Week's Puzzler

The Mad Hatter: Three red hats, three white hats. Which hat is the wisest man in the kingdom wearing?

Last Week's Puzzler

A Very Curious Transaction: What was so interesting about the customer's change?

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