#1902: The Road to Boatdom

Jan 12, 2019
This week on The Best of Car Talk, is Sarah responsible for her backyard mechanic’s professional development? He may have messed up replacing her Accord’s clutch. Should Sarah give him another shot, this time on the transmission? Elsewhere, Kathy needs help getting her husband to dump his beloved Corolla before the gas tank falls out and Mary can’t decide whether her son should accept his girlfriend’s mother’s offer of a free Dart. Also, Larry’s got a question involving ground straps, lightning, and life insurance; Paula’s friend left her lights on and blamed the car for the battery dying; and are Chana’s father and husband’s advice both ice cold on warming up her car? All this and more, this week on The Best of Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

We're moving on up!

This Week's Puzzler

The Bride of Crusty: Can Crusty get to the church on time even with a gash in his gas tank?

Last Week's Puzzler

Product Placement: Get out your pencil, slide rule, calculator, and old algebra textbook.

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