#1844: Nasal Decloggery

Nov 03, 2018
Who knew there was a technical name for picking your nose in your car? This week on The Best of Car Talk, listeners who weren’t completely disgusted by last week’s discussion offer their analysis of automotive nostril penetrations. Elsewhere, Charlotte and her husband decided to spice up their lives by adopting four children and want to make things even more exciting by finding an old car they can use as a jungle gym. Also, Jody is searching for her Accord’s chi, so she can use acupuncture to get rid of a ticking noise; JD just lost his girlfriend and fears his truck’s engine will be the next to go; and will a nice grapefruit stabilize John’s Jeep’s oil pressure? All this and more this week on The Best of Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Automotive Nasal Decloggery: Listeners Respond

This Week's Puzzler

The Magic Hat: Vinnie and Tommy go head to head in this brainy beast.

Last Week's Puzzler

Buying House Numbers, in Letters: How much will it cost to buy the letters that spell the number "twelve"?

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