#1819: The Power of Nothingness

May 12, 2018
This week on The Best of Car Talk, Dayton’s speedometer only works occasionally. Tom’s advice? Take the Zen approach, and do nothing. Might Ray consider Dayton’s budget for speeding tickets while crafting his reply? Elsewhere, Missy’s son is headed to college this fall and wants to take an Audi Quattro with him, to Our Fair City. Should Missy spend the summer trying to talk him out of it? Also, Scott and his father-in-law have different views on accelerating while shifting; Char’s Mercedes dies if she drives for two hours with the sunroof open; and Mark wants to know if his Ford Tempo can survive hauling a trailer with all his worldly possessions from Dallas to Philadelphia. He might do better trying to get from Dallas to Fort Worth. And, in honor of Mother’s Day, Elizabeth Magliozzi checks in on her boys’ undershirt status. All this and more, this week on The Best of Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Happy Mother's Day, and the NYU Application Letter.

This Week's Puzzler

The Loose Caboose: What is it that causes this train to strain?

Last Week's Puzzler

Kent's Exploding Ford Aerostar: What caused Kent's engine to make a loud bang and die down?

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