#1745: Love and a Van Dweller

Nov 11, 2017
This week on the Best of Car Talk, Tara has gone on a couple of dates with a medical student who’s smart, really nice, and is living in a van in the school parking lot. Is there a van dweller psychological profile that should scare her off? Elsewhere, Peter’s friend showed the limits of an MIT education by locking himself in Peter’s trunk while trying to fix it; Carl’s Altima has been making noise since he drove over a rock 6 months ago and his head is too big for him to look underneath to see what might be causing it; Stephanie’s mechanic can’t hear her Subaru’s high-pitched whine so she may need to find a dog to help diagnose it; and Katie’s new used Volvo is great, except for her leg going numb while she’s driving it. All this and more, this week on The Best of Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Market Watch: The Car Talk Capital Depreciation Fund

This Week's Puzzler

Jumping Batteries Batman: A truck is stuck in a narrow alley with a dead battery. Another truck arrives but cannot reach the battery of the first truck with jumper cables. How do the drivers restart the first engine within just a few minutes?

Last Week's Puzzler

Going Down Fast: Going down a long, steep grade, a car was gaining speed at an alarming rate even though the driver was in low gear - he had to use the brakes nearly the entire way down. Why didn't first gear help slow the car?

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