#1704: They're All Jerks

Jan 28, 2017
This week on The Best of Car Talk, Joyce’s mild-mannered husband teaches meditation by day, but when he gets behind the wheel, he turns into a cross between Mario Andretti and Tony Soprano. Is it the car, the traffic, or does Joyce’s husband have a dark side? Elsewhere, Andrew is concerned about his washer fluid lacking testosterone; Catherine has lived five years with a buzzing oil pressure indicator; and Aaron’s Impala now takes off like it’s dragging a ton of bricks. Also, Jim is worried he may be a Fire Starter, after his battery and muffle both exploded. All this and more, this week on The Best of Car Talk.

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A Dog's Day

This Week's Puzzler

Chickens and Eggs: How long will it take to get 32 eggs?

Last Week's Puzzler

Two Glasses of Water: How many steps does it take to measure six ounces?

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Mr. Walker vs. Mr. Wheeler

With my apologies to Walt Disney for stealing his cartoon title where Goofy shows us how a person changes from a nice easy going Mr. Walker to a maniacal guy behind the wheel - Mr. Wheeler (check it out). Anyway, I am pretty sure that the Change happens when mr. nice guy who is out in the open doesn't want conflict with anyone because he might get his block knocked off, gets into his "Armor" and feels some what protected against just about any enemy combatants out there and he can be a jerk with little or no fallout.
Favorite Moment: 
Loved the whole thing . . . as usual.

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