#1644: Mayonnaise on My Dipstick

Oct 29, 2016
This week on The Best of Car Talk, Tim doesn’t know if he should be worried about the substance on his Fury’s dipstick, or if he should just make a tuna salad sandwich with it. Elsewhere, Tonia likes her next door neighbor but is less fond of the noxious chemicals he uses on his car; Larry wants to convince his wife it’s okay to buy a used car from a rental company but a tale from Ray’s past may change his mind; and Dara is having trouble selling a car that used to belong to the fire chief. Should she forget about selling the car and just advertise its spotlight and chief's hat? All this, plus the great Cathy/Kathy challenge, and more this week on The Best of Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Save the daylight!

This Week's Puzzler

To Catch a Gas Thief: How did Maryann bust the siphoning bandit?

Last Week's Puzzler

For Whom the Dart Tows: Tommy's car breaks down, but it can still tow Ray's car. How is this possible?


How to tell which side your gas cap occupies:

I drive multiple cars at home, at my work car pool, and also drive airport rentals. If I can see a gas hatch in my rear view mirror, that is where the gas cap is. If I can't see the gas hatch, it is on the passenger side of the car.
Favorite Moment: 
Love it all.

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