#1526: Mama Was a Race Car Driver

Jun 27, 2015
This week on The Best of Car Talk, Ben is scared to death to ride with his mom. She used to drive race cars, and still likes to treat Main Street as if it was Le Mans. Can Tom and Ray help Ben slow Mom down, or does he need to start hiding her keys? Elsewhere, Aaron thinks his Toyota is haunted by the spirit of Maurice Chevalier; Jamie wants to achieve his life’s ambition of owning a vehicle with power steering; and, Kristina’s truck is backfiring so loudly, everyone in 500-foot radius ducks and covers. Also, how could three drops of soda burn an Accord’s leather seat? All this and more, this week on The Best of Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Some helpful tips, if you're traveling to France this Summer.

This Week's Puzzler

The Counterfeit Quarters: Can you figure out which quarters are bo-o-o-o-gus?

Last Week's Puzzler

MAP Sensor Mystery: How did Ray get the part delivered to his shop the next morning?

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Mama was a Race Car Driver

I love this show! Wonderful sense of humor and car knowledge! Keep it going strong, please!
Favorite Moment: 
Phoning Mama...

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