#1509: Vehicularly Immature

Feb 28, 2015
This week on The Best of Car Talk, are Mari and her husband grown-up enough to graduate from a Neon to a Mercedes, even if it means having to brush their teeth and hair every day? Elsewhere, Abbie got into a fender bender with a physics professor, and hopes he can help her cover the rental car. Would she have better luck with someone from the philosophy department? Also, Ben almost managed to set his car and vacuum cleaner both on fire on the same day; Kathie’s boyfriend may need to be dumped for suggesting it’s okay to tailgate; and, on Stump the Chumps, we find out if Dan’s truck suffered from a “classic case” of Car Talk Bogus Answer Syndrome. All this and more, this week on The Best of Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

How marriages "endure".

This Week's Puzzler

Gone Fishing: How many fish did the guys catch?

Last Week's Puzzler

Popping Pills: Can you figure out how to take your mixed-up medications?

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