#1443: Men Who Pick

Oct 25, 2014
This week on Car Talk, Jill has noticed a raft of men picking their noses in their cars. Is this topic too juvenile and tasteless even for Tom and Ray? Are you kidding? Tune in as they dive deep to try to explain why a man’s car is his nostril's sanctuary. In matters a bit more serious, Paul’s car is smoking like a chimney,and he’s hoping to find the right additive cocktail that will get it through to spring; Bernie and Rollie’s test drive at a dealer ended with an encounter with a light pole, and now the dealer is trying to get them to pay for the damage; and is Jenny or her budding bryologist fiance right about her Civic’s starting problem? All this and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

This Week's Puzzler

Painting a Carousel: Can Skip figure out the exact measurements to buy the right amount of paint?

Last Week's Puzzler

Driving in Texas: How did Rob predict the name of the next road?


Women who makeup

Yes women can be annoying at stops too, and even on the road putting lipstick and eye makeup on, curling lashes, and brushing hair all the while driving. My experience: The lady in the car in front of me brushed her hair, then cleaned the brush releasing a big hairball out the window that drifted onto my windshield. It took about 5 minutes of windshield wiping to remove the hairball. There was no rain!
Favorite Moment: 
Picking noses by majority of men at intersection...they must be scratching!

They just need feedback

Since the caller is so upset about this, she should make up a big sign that she could put up on the passenger side of the front window when she found herself at that intersection. It should say,"I see you picking your nose" They think no one sees them, right? I think they would appreciate the information.
Favorite Moment: 

James Cagney poem written for Humphrey Bogart

“In this little town of ours, people see all sorts of primps and poses… but movie stars in fancy cars shouldn’t pick their famous noses.”

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