#1436: The Spaceman Cometh

Sep 06, 2014
This week on Car Talk, former Red Sox pitcher Bill “Spaceman” Lee plays a round of Stump the Chumps. Find out if Tom and Ray helped get Bill’s BMW running, or have they thrown one way over the backstop? Elsewhere, Jeff promised his girlfriend he’d get a driver’s license this Summer. The calendar has turned, and Jeff is still sans license, so what he needs now is a good excuse. Also, Ashley loves her Beetle, but it may be killing her with CO poisoning; Chris wants to know how big a dope slap to give her husband for keeping the heat on during a six-hour drive in 96 degree temperatures; and can Tom and Ray do any better diagnosing a broken lawnmower than they did on electric brakes? Well, they couldn’t do worse, right? All this and more, this week on Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

An update on the Car Talk Capital Depreciation Fund.

This Week's Puzzler

Paint It Black: Why was the old headlight modified this way?

Last Week's Puzzler

Dashboard Definition: How did the dashboard get its name?

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