#1428: Death Valley Dinesh

Jul 12, 2014
This week on Car Talk, Dinesh is planning to spend his Summer vacation walking across Death Valley. Yes, really. Dinesh is worried about his support cars surviving the 120 degree daytime temps. Can Tom and Ray stop questioning Dinesh’s sanity long enough to advise? Elsewhere, Deb threw her husband’s BMW into Park while it was still moving. Did she do more damage to the car, or her marriage? Also, Steve wins Fun Dad of the Week— but it came with a full spousal dopeslap for driving across a stream that was deeper than expected; Mary is desperately trying to help her beloved mechanic Herman figure out why her Toyota won’t start; and, is it okay for Art History PhD’s to call themselves “Doctor”? All this and more, this week on Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

'Tis the season to do it TO yourself.

This Week's Puzzler

Presidents and Their Mothers: Which presidential mom did not vote for her own son?

Last Week's Puzzler

Free Anniversary Dinner: Why did the restaurant owner not believe the couple was celebrating their anniversary that day?

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Dinesh is nuts, all right

I am very concerned about Dinesh's plan. Having water in his car seven miles from his starting point and not carrying any of it with him is truly insane and is likely to result in the party's dying of heat stroke before they get to the car which holds the water. They just found some actor dead in Death Valley from heat stroke; he'd been dead for 3 or 4 days when he was found by other hikers.
Favorite Moment: 
There was no favorite moment in this particular conversation. I am afraid for his and his friends' survival on their trip if they don't carry water every step of the way.

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