#1421: My Dog Hates You Too

May 24, 2014
We stopped tallying the hate mail we've received at Car Talk years ago. But one letter still remains on top of our pile of vituperative missives: this week's offering from one Melissa Peterson, a.k.a., "That Little Twerp." Maybe it was her need to let us know that her dog hates our show as much as she does. But Tom and Ray will soldier on, despite Melissa's wrath, and try to convince Gloria that shutting off her car while going 80 miles per hour is not a great way to address its acceleration problems. Elsewhere, Tracy wants to blame her mom for her Civic's electrical system going wacko; and Tammy is trying without success to convince her husband that Boston drivers aren't the worst in the world. And, can Evan find a car with a gas pedal that won't destroy his knee? All this and more, this week, on Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share a letter from Melissa, aka, "That Little Twerp!"

This Week's Puzzler

An American Pilot in France: What gave away the pilot as an American in a room full of Frenchmen?

Last Week's Puzzler

Bedouins Breaking Bread: How did the magistrate recommend that the two Bedouins divide the money?


Boston drivers

Due to the holiday, I was a day late with my usual Monday punishment - I listen on the Metro and it serves to reinforce how much I hate Mondays.
Favorite Moment: 
I was interested in your compliment to California drivers. I am one. When I moved to Las Vegas, I was astounded by th level of obedience to school zone speed limits. It turns out that the local constabulary strictly enforces those limits. Enforcement does make a difference!


As for that Show opening letter from the Anger Management Class-Bound Dweeb... RASPBERRIES!?! "Milky-Toasty Letter of Protest to follow."
Favorite Moment: 
1o:59.9 a.m.

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