#1420: Eggs Prestone

May 17, 2014
This week on Car Talk, Sasha learned a new recipe for dealing with a radiator leak--add black pepper and eggs. Did this combo save his engine, or at least provide brunch while he waited for a tow truck? Elsewhere, does Chip need to resort to "tailpipe diplomacy," in the form of a cherry bomb, to get his neighbors to stop warming up their cars for 20 minutes every morning? Also, Bill and his wife are looking for a $700 car that makes them look eccentric rather than cheap; Jennifer's good deal on a used Volvo may not have been so good; and can Tom in California adjust to his new life as a car salesman without succumbing to the white belt and shoes? All this, plus one tourist's eye-opening visit to Car Talk Plaza, and lots more.

Show Open Topic

Where's Tommy? Ray's running out of excuses.

This Week's Puzzler

Bedouins Breaking Bread: How did the magistrate recommend that the two bedouins divide the money?

Last Week's Puzzler

The Loose Caboose: What’s causing the train to strain?


Eggs In The Radiator

I was just watching an old episode (#78 to be exact) of "My Name Is Earl" titled: Sold A Guy A Lemon Car. To get the junker ready for sale, Earl decided to give it a "Hillbilly Tuneup". the first thing he did was crack and egg into the radiator. Just thought I'd pass that along. Steve
Favorite Moment: 

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