#1344: Auto Acupuncture

Nov 02, 2013
This week on Car Talk, after Jody's mechanics failed to fix her Honda, she's considering an alternative treatment--acupuncture. So, where is an Accord's ch'i? Hopefully, not in the tires. Elsewhere, Steve promised his wife he'd fix her Volvo, but after sneaking off to three different mechanics, he still can't figure out the problem. Also, should Frances trade her trusty Miata for her uncle's beloved, but un-trustworthy Porsche; is half-way good enough for the spark plug Chuck cross-threaded; and, can Rebecca make it home for the holidays in her ancient Chevy, or will the next NPR fundraiser be dedicated to buying her a plane ticket? All this, and more, this week on Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Nearly fired for being "pedagogical," and other stories from real-life Dilbert managers.

This Week's Puzzler

Downunder Wonder: How come Ray's son has Aussie-dar?

Last Week's Puzzler

The Magic Hat: Vinnie and Tommy go head to head in this brainy beast.

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1985 volvo question

Hi have an 1987 volvo 240 that experience a similar issue to the man with the 1985 volvo 740. I was driving and the temperature gauge dropped to 0, the gas gauge dropped to 0, the oil pressure light came on dimly, and the voltage warning light came on dimly. The alternator brushes were worn out. I changed the brushes (located on the voltage regulator) and it fixed everything.
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