#1343: Hold the Cream Rinse

Oct 26, 2013
This week on Car Talk, Sharon's been experiencing a series of bad hair days when she drives long distances. Unfortunately, she couldn't get through to "Follicle Talk," so she's turned to Tom and Ray. Can they stop laughing long enough to offer any useful advice? Elsewhere, Rick has a long list of reasons to justify adding a supercharger to his Miata, and they're all bad; Doug's wife thinks the burning smell in his truck is dead bugs, and since he told her she's nuts, he's hoping it's anything else; and, Jon's mechanic is learning a lot about Jon's Accord--except how to fix it. All this, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

A brilliant deduction at the checkout line.

This Week's Puzzler

The Magic Hat: Vinnie and Tommy go head to head in this brainy beast.

Last Week's Puzzler

Buying House Number Letters: How much will it cost to buy the letters that spell the number 12?

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I heard the creme rinse segment word for word many years ago. Are the brothers padding their shows?
Favorite Moment: 

I thought you were car guys!

How could you possibly advise against a supercharged Miata? How can you say a car that does a sub 6-second (15-20?) 0-60 time is imminently dangerous? I thought you were car guys. As a past owner of a 220whp supercharged Miata - I can wholeheartedly advocate the application of a blower to the little roadster. The only thing that perfect little car needs is a bit more power.
Favorite Moment: 
When I realized that someone was calling about a modified Miata.

Static Electricity?

If Sharon's hair goes flat from fluffy on long driving days, maybe the problem is static electricity. Try tyng strips of fabric softener sheets in the air vents or onto the headrest posts?
Favorite Moment: 
All of them!

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