#1322: The Citroen Invasion

Jun 01, 2013
This week on Car Talk, Denise's European friend is coming to the U.S., and bringing his Citroen with him. (We don't know if it will fit in the overhead luggage bin, or if he'll have to check it.) He's hoping to drive it from New York to Minnesota, but will the lack of French mechanics and parts leave him uttering, "Mon Dieu!" if he breaks down? Elsewhere, Jann's wondering how to get a dealer to let her test-drive a new car with a 77-pound dog that's prone to car sickness; Keller is preparing to sell his VW Bug, but there's that pesky matter of the missing floor on the passenger side; and Steve's Check Engine light comes on, only when he parks his Civic at the Pentagon. Has his car cracked a classified code? All this, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Faster than the speed of light?!

This Week's Puzzler

How long would it take Tom, Ray and Doug each to paint Car Talk Plaza?

Last Week's Puzzler

Why would anyone want or need an engine to run backwards?


Another car for Jann's dog

What about a Honda Element? It has a rubber floor in the back so it can be hosed out, but it won't use as much gas as a pickup truck. They stopped making it in 2011 due to slow sales, but I think it's a neat vehicle.
Favorite Moment: 

On Citroëns

It really knocked me off my socks to hear the opinions expressed on this brand. I've had Citroëns for at least 40 years. Right now Citroën holds the WRC title and has done so for 9 straight years with Séb Loeb at the wheel. The DS, the XM, the Xsara and the recent DS3, and C5 and C6... especially the wee C2 are amongst the most amazing experiences in the world of driving. The C6 has the most advanced suspension in the world, as Citroën has always had since 1957! Citroëns and Reanaults and Pugs have been rolling the streets and country roads of the world. Not all Citroëns are the sturdy and unbreakable (very rust-prone) CV2. I'd love you to have a talk about this car. I think, sometimes, people take your words as definitive because of your knowledge. And I believe this time, on this particular issue, you may be wrong. Last year I went all the way from Mexico to Quebec in a 1971 Citroën DS 23 Pallas and we never had any concern about the car breaking down. Good maintenance keeps these things running forever. And, for the person calling, there's a really good source for all Citroën related things in the States: http://www.citroen-ca.com/
Favorite Moment: 
I love the callers from those amazingly isolated places in Alaska... all women!

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