#1319: Click and Clack and Dear Old Ma

May 11, 2013
This week, get ready for some of our all-time favorite moments as Car Talk celebrates Mother's Day with a special appearance from Tom and Ray's long-suffering mom, Elizabeth. She'll spill the beans on what life was like in the Magliozzi household, and do her best to evade the question of which of her kids she liked best. She's also ready to give out advice to new moms ("You've got a long way to go, sweetheart!"); get to the real reason one caller really wants to teach his mom to drive ("Is she going to leave you a lot of money?"); and, offer a final thought on Motherhood that will have Tommy blowing coffee out his nose. Lizzy may even be able to top her sons in figuring out why Sandy's Mitsubishi is groaning, and how Linda can stop the air leaks that are turning her Accord into a wind tunnel. It's an hour that's a staff favorite that's not to be missed, in our humble opinion. Join us for a visit to the Maternal Combustion Department, this week on Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Hello and welcome to Mom Talk...

This Week's Puzzler

The Puzzler is taking a little break this week to celebrate Mother's Day with Click and Clack's Mom!

Last Week's Puzzler

An athlete competing in the Olympic Games puts forth a record-setting performance in the long jump. But he does not win a gold medal. In fact, he wins no medal at all. Why not? We'll give the answer next week!


Thank you.

Thank you for this show. I heard it back in 1996 when it first aired. It was great to hear your mother laugh, and she sounded just like her sons.
Favorite Moment: 
When Ray suggested that the reason for the change in driving habits of the caller's mother was that she's started smoking dope.

Click and Clack and Dear Old Ma

I LOVE THIS SHOW! I've been a fan of Lizzy's since I first heard her. Any time she was on, the quality definitely improved.
Favorite Moment: 
Carol Berman's call. Not doing the laundry is the best strategy EVER.

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