#1318: The Great Lion Escape

May 04, 2013
This week on Car Talk, would your mechanic ride 60 miles sitting on the engine of a Land Rover with his hand over the carburetor? What if the alternative was being stranded in an area of Tanzania where the lion population far exceeds the number of tow truck drivers? Happily for Newton, his Tanzanian guide was willing to ride in the hot seat, and lead him to safety. All Tom and Ray need to do is explain why this worked--which may be more challenging. Closer to home, there's a new noise somewhere in Anne's Caravan, which started after she rushed her husband home from surgery. Is it the car, or is it his moans of pain? Also, Leslie in pondering whether her car decided to commit "autocide" by rolling itself down a hill; and budding shade-tree mechanic Andy thinks he might be getting repair advice that violates the Laws of Physics. All this and lots more, this week on, Car Talk.

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"Hello, you're on Golf Cart Talk..."

This Week's Puzzler

An athlete competing in the Olympic Games puts forth a record-setting performance in the long jump. But he does not win a gold medal. In fact, he wins no medals at all. Why not?

Last Week's Puzzler

Bob used to drive a VW Beetle. One day, his battery died. He started the car without getting a boost, without touching the battery, and without push starting it. How'd he do it?

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