#1313: Aspen Rehabilitation

Mar 30, 2013
This week on Car Talk, Donna's husband refuses to part with his 1977 Dodge Aspen. It runs like a champ, but looks like the 1962 New York Mets. It's so beat up that, during a recent storm, more hailstones made it through holes in the car than actually hit the body. Is this a job for Uncle Nunzio's sabotage team, or Mr. Gigi's beautification squad? Elsewhere, David's Nissan is jerking while accelerating, making it look like he doesn't know how to drive stick, and worse, tossing his dog all over the truck; Pam is so concerned about her T-Bird's creaking noise that she waited five years to call us abut it; and could Tom's diagnosis of an overheating Subaru really cause MIT to revoke his diploma? Oh, and by the way, if your name is Homer Handelburg, have we got an offer for you! All this, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Superglue is forever, and other tidbits of wisdom from six-year-olds.

This Week's Puzzler

What is it that we, for a long time, could rarely do with our cars and then we could, and now it would take you ten times longer to do it, if you could.

Last Week's Puzzler

There's no puzzler answer because Martha Stewart joined us on the show last week. But stay tuned for a new puzzler.

As Read on Car Talk


Copper nitrate? Copper carbonate?

Copper nitrate = blue powder. Copper carbonate = green powder. Aluminum carbonate = does not exist in nature. Tommy, they're coming for your diploma....
Favorite Moment: 
Always stump the chumps....

place the face

The second call, from Placerville, CA: 'placer' (plaa-sir) is the form of mining via a sluice used during the 1849 Gold Rush; it wouldn't be pronounced place -er. Placerville is also euphemistically called "Hangtown", this is pronounced glgghghgg. Many Gold Rush-era towns were named for places back eas; Quincy, CA from IL which came from MA or the early president, or president's middle name.
Favorite Moment: 
open/close of show; bluegrass theme

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