#1308: Geographically Undesirable

Feb 23, 2013
This week on Car Talk, Kate and Aaron's long-distance relationship has come to a road block. Aaron is afraid to drive, so Kate's doing all the traveling, and it's become a bit of a pain in the butt--figuratively, and literally. Can Tom and Ray help her get Aaron behind the wheel, or is this relationship headed for the crusher? Elsewhere, Erin inherited her Grandpa's Impala, and among its dozen or so problems, the most amusing is that when she turns on her high-beams, the directional signals don't work; Tony's sleeping on the sofa after two unsuccessful repairs to his wife's Subaru, and Strike Three might send him and his sleeping bag to the garage; and, Steve is wondering why his trusty Ford Ranger is suddenly causing boat payments, three at a time. Also, on Stump the Chumps, did Tom and Ray help Sam quiet his Accord long enough to sell it? All this and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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"Soul for Sale" and other great ads from Craigslist.

This Week's Puzzler

What automotive clue tipped off Dougie Berman that the cops had the wrong ride?

Last Week's Puzzler

E I L N P U... Ready to find out the meaning of Ray's teacher's cryptic code?

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Moving to Texas

Tell Andrea, moving from North Carolina to Texas, that if you buy your Sienna in NC and move to Texas, you'll have to pay Texas sales tax (aka the Yankee tax) when you register the vehicle. buy it in TX and only pay sales tax once.
Favorite Moment: 

Andrea's Call

Thanks to your show I am now a paranoid nut about every funny sound that my car makes! After hearing the advice that you gave to Andrea about breaking in a new car...I researched a few owner's manuals and it turned out you were right! I thought at first that you were wrong...like most times! Just kidding...you guys are awesome!
Favorite Moment: 
My favorite part is when Andrea said "REALLY?" like she assumed you would be wrong too!!

Boy, maybe - automatic tranny, NO!

I don't really have good insight as to whether Kate should or should not dump Aaron. However, to answer her original question - she should absolutely NOT under any circumstances purchase an automatic transmissioned vehicle that she will HATE just to accomodate his wimpiness. If she loves standards, she should drive a standard. (I agree with her on this one! What the heck are you supposed to do with your left foot?) If Aaron wants to learn to drive, he will just have to make another friend. One with an automatic car. And the ability to teach driving without telling him to "slam on" his brakes.
Favorite Moment: 
"I told him to slam on the brakes, and instead he slammed on the gas"

Tell Kate to dump Aaron

You tried to tell Kate she was still young and that she might consider seeing a more but it’s a shame you weren't Dr. Phil and tell her to run away from Aaron as fast as possible. It is not Kate's responsibility to get Aaron to his doctor's appointments, or teach him to take public transportation, or let him wreck one car and then buy another one she might be able to convince him to drive. I wish you would have asked if Aaron paid for gas or helped pay for the car he wrecked. Aaron is in a better college than Kate is. He should be smart enough to get around himself.
Favorite Moment: 

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