#1301: Schmutz on the Clutch

Jan 05, 2013
This week on Car Talk, Dana's Jetta is shaking violently in 1st Gear. Could the culprit be the dreaded (and highly technical) "schmutz on the clutch?" Meanwhile, in Dallas, Dr. Paul's life has been a Country-Western song: he totaled his car, his wife left him, and his dog died. Can Tom and Ray help him choose a new ride that will help him find a new love---and a new dog? Also, Science Museum educator Seniz needs a lesson from the space shuttle to understand the noise her Civic is making; Mark has discovered a new driving technique with the double bonus of being more efficient and making his wife thinks he's completely nuts; and on Stump the Chumps, did one answer solve three problems for Ed and his Jeep? All this and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

New meanings for old words, courtesy of the Washington Post.

This Week's Puzzler

Which box holds the picture of fair Rowenda?

Last Week's Puzzler

Are the red and black cards in each stack equal?

As Read on Car Talk


Dr. Paul needs a new prescription.

You hockey pucks gave Dr. Paul some booogus information on which (down to earth) date magnet car to buy. How do I know? Because I AM a down-to-earth, cute-easy-going-outdoorsy-yet-artsy 40 something. Sorry, Dr. Paul- I'm married. If Dr. Paul wants to date one of us, a Mazda Miata will never be big enough for the bicycles, two dogs, and the kayaks and ski gear they are going to haul on their Coloarado road trips, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee is never going to be 'alluring' enough to attend those downtown arts events, not to mention the parking! Dr, Paul needs a smallish "alluring" suv, something like a Volkswagon Taoureg, or Volvo, or Porche Cayenne. But of course, you old married guys didn't know that! You're welcome.
Favorite Moment: 

Go with a Volvo!

Dr. Paul, firstly congrats on your triumph over cancer! Secondly, look into the Volvo XC lineup (XC60, XC70, XC90) and see which one you fall in love with!!
Favorite Moment: 

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