#1248: Brake Stompers and Garage Hoggers

Dec 01, 2012
This week on Car Talk, Diana has a new boyfriend, and a Stanza that's begun chewing up brake pads at an alarming rate. What are the chances these two facts are not a coincidence? Oh, maybe 100%? Elsewhere, Nan's trying to figure out how to get her new husband to share his garage with her Accord, and why the Accord won't start after it's parked in said garage. Any guesses on which question Tom and Ray might have an answer for? Also, Bob's got an exposed airbag in his Sonata and, as a result, a family that's embarrassed to be seen in the car with him. His proposed solution? Duct tape, of course! And, did Ben make a big mistake by giving into the lure of the Jaguar Fatale? All this, plus the truth about lying in Italy, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

The truth about lying in Italy-- and in the Magliozzi households, too.

This Week's Puzzler

Can Dougie take the right dose of medication to save himself from Chronic Laziness?

Last Week's Puzzler

What is wrong with Alex's flat tire solution?

As Read on Car Talk


what's in a name?

the caller (#7) named Trittica provoked much interest from T&R. Triticum is the latin name for wheat, and triticale is a relative also used as food. maybe this was the inspiration. perhaps a "Holly" may call in soon?
Favorite Moment: 
Open moment and closing credits, of course.

Padiddle thoughts

I think you will notice that the cars that generally are more apt to have a light out are the ones with daytime running lights because they run more.
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Last week's puzzler, billed as new, is a rerun. I remember it from years ago and knew the answer then too, because my first cars were '50 and "54 Plymouth. Marvin Mauldin, Lubbock, Texas
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