#1247: Clutch Killer of the Month

Nov 24, 2012
This week on Car Talk, John thinks his employee Steve is a great guy. However, Steve may have destroyed the clutch on the company truck, after only a few hours of driving. Enter Tom and Ray, prepared to stage a driving intervention with Steve, and maybe handle his employee performance review at the same time. Elsewhere, Faith just relocated from Maine to Alaska because she was longing for snow. Her Subaru seems displeased with the move, though, as it's begun making an alarming noise. Also, Susan swears that changing gears on her Saturn is like shifting through a bowl of Cream of Wheat, but her boyfriend swears she's crazy; and, speaking crazy, would you drive across country in a Ford Focus, with a boyfriend, three dogs, and two cats? Shelly's planning on trying, unless Tom and Ray can come up with a better plan--and there may only be a million or so better plans. All this and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

From the mouths of women under stress...

This Week's Puzzler

What is wrong with Alex's flat tire solution?

Last Week's Puzzler

What number of moves would satisfy the covetous neighbors?

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Idea on the Saturn Shifter

I'd check the saturnfans.com forum - on at least some Saturn S-series manuals, there's something with the shifter bushing that regularly goes bad, and is easy to replace. There is also information on cleaning and lubricating (with mica dust) the shifter cable.
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Show #1247 was humorous and informative until you used vulgar language to a sixteen year old girl. I was embarrassed for her, an engenous. Between men, even on the air, for humor, the word 'b---" has it's intended sarcastic punch. The girl was gracious, probably uses the word at a spend the night party making jokes to her girl friends, but would not use it in mixed company. Mina, retired school teacher
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