#1246: The Acura Bird Poop Magnet

Nov 17, 2012
This week on Car Talk, do birds aim their droppings? Ross in Seattle traded his green Acura for a white one, and suddenly he's scraping heaps of avian deposits off his roof. Elsewhere, Jenny's Sebring has a water retention problem in the driver's door, which is giving her mechanics a good laugh; Selene's about to kill her budding Hollywood career, and terrify her cat, by imitating the noises her Cadillac is making; and Dan has survived four years of driving in New York City, without Reverse. Has he earned a huge repair bill, on top of his spot in the Parallel Parking Hall of Fame? And, we know it's the season to be thankful, but why is a colonectal surgeon grateful to Tom and Ray for boosting his business? All that, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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Is Car Talk a leading cause of hemorrhoids?

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What number of moves would satisfy the covetous neighbors?

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Can you solve for the population of Babba?

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get a clue, Dude

The guy who lives in Castro Valley, CA needs a dolt slap. uh-huh! A year?!? of smoke from the tailpipe?? I believe there is a "snitch line" for the local Air Quality Mngt. District. This is near industrial parks and a narrow canyon with occluded air flows. If you're wanna be a "Cali" guy, then U don't foul the air!!
Favorite Moment: 
opening and closing credits, natch

low on coolant?

The segment #3 answers were quite helpful to me, BUT, you asked him if he had been low on coolant & when he said "no" you moved on. I am having the same issues & I've been low on coolant, so I am wondering what that may indicate?
Favorite Moment: 

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