#1232: Everything You Never Wanted to Know about Click and Clack

Aug 11, 2012
This week on Car Talk, Tom and Ray dip into the mailbag to answer some personal questions from listeners. To name a few: Which brother snorts? Was either one wedgied as a kid? And, has either brother ever been hauled off to jail? We're not sure why anyone wants to know this stuff, either, but fortunately there's also time for some car questions. There's Debra, who can't turn her key in the ignition until she pushes the car forward; Rane, who's worried that the engine might be about to fall out of her Isuzu; and Prashanth, whose wife is coming over from India, but may hop on the first plane back after she sees his banged up Corolla. Also, what's a husband to do when he turns his wife's car into Florida's newest swamp? All this, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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Tom and Ray address a few personal questions from their listeners.

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