#1229: The Lincoln Stretch Bike Carrier

Jul 21, 2012
This week on Car Talk, Sherry and her husband discovered they couldn't mount their bike rack on the roof their new Lincoln Town Car. How are they going to haul around their kids and bikes? His solution is a Minivan. Hers? A Town Car Stretch Limo. Can Tom and Ray bring a return to domestic tranquility? Elsewhere, Michele's husband thinks she has too many keys dangling from her ignition, and has made the most dire threat: either she divests of a few keys, or his Mom's moving in with them. Also, just a few weeks after a Freon refill, Michelle's Escort's back to blowing hot air; Brad's adding an alarming amount of fluid to his Camry's clutch; and Pradeep is being slowly driven crazy by the cell phone he dropped into his BMW's duct work. Will Tom and Ray have any suggestions for removing it that are more helpful than, say, turning the car upside down and shaking it? All this, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Gender bias at Car Talk Plaza? Tom and Ray consider the evidence from one listener.

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This was the most unique episode of Car Talk in a long while. Tom and Ray laughed a lot and discussed cars. They also gave the results to last week's puzzler. I think we need more of this on Car Talk, to keep things fresh.
Favorite Moment: 
The letter at the beginning calling out Tom and Ray's on-air womanizing.

Your keys or your mother in law

Melissa, Do what I do. . . get yourself a small carabiner. Put one or two or three keys apiece on a keyring and slip the keyrings onto the carabiner. (For example, if you have two keys for your house put those two together on a keyring.) You can clip the carabiner onto your purse strap so you don't lose or forget your keys easily. And you can easily slide the keys you need around to opening of the caribiner and slip them off. (This is why I recommended a SMALL carabiner. If you use one that is too large, it is too easy to drop keys that you don't want to drop.)
Favorite Moment: 

You missed one...

I think you guys missed one in the Honda civic transmission call. The guy said he shifted into drive, not any thing else, and you didn't confirm that specifically which is an important detail. If the shifter did say it was in drive, there could be something wrong with the linkage, in which case it could happen again any time and that's pretty dangerous. If the caller doesn't confirm actually having shifted into reverse, I'd recommend getting that checked out!
Favorite Moment: 

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